Working with paper, I am a colour-loving conceptual thinker with a fondness for the little things in life.

My practice explores topics in life that are usually not deemed important or serious. I like to create work that inspires thought in others and allows them to look at things differently through interaction.

My most recent work covered the topic of intimacy, where I interviewed over a hundred different people about what intimacy meant to them. The topic of intimacy is generally taboo and as a result, barely spoken about. I attempted to bridge this gap by allowing the means for conversation through interviews, but this only highlighted how people didn't want to speak openly about such a private topic. I turned to an anonymous survey which proved fruitful, and as a result, I created a series of paper sculptures containing anonymous quotes and confessions which were obscured by paper pop-up book techniques to reflect how it's difficult to open up about intimacy.


BA Hons Visual Communication, Arts University Bournemouth (2015-2018)

Foundation Degree, Graphic Design (2014-2015)

A-Levels, Fine Art/Drama/Product Design
We Are BASE Live app brief (2017)
CHS Live branding brief (2016)
AUB24 Live Brief (2016)
PAGES Leeds book fair (2016)
Featured on Frizzmag.co.uk (2018)

CV and portfolio can be sent on request.