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Colourful Thoughts

‘Colourful Thoughts’ is a piece that evolved from a simple painting that the artist created a few years ago, and has turned into a 3D paper concept. It is part of a new 3D paper series.

The painting that ‘Colourful Thoughts’ was based on, was a part of a collection of paintings that symbolized the many thought processes throughout the day. The painting explored the thoughts you experience when you start the day when your brain is trying to figure out all the tasks and activities you must tend to that day.

This new piece, made from both painted and coloured paper, revisits the concepts of thoughts. Years since the painting, the thoughts I experienced are not the same as my goals are very different, but the same themes of routine and self remain. Despite change, the core of yourself is still very much ‘you’. Combing painted paper with coloured is to represent old techniques with new. I embrace the change of practice, but I still appreciate the techniques and concepts I used when I was starting out as an artist.